Celebrating 30 years of Wintec Saddles!

Over the past 30 years, Wintec Saddles have had some amazing experiences involving TV stars, Equestrian celebrities and even royalty.

Reminisce with us as we journey back in time, celebrating 30 years as the World’s No. 1 Synthetic Saddle brand by sharing five of our most incredible moments with you.

1. When we received thank you letters from Buckingham Palace… twice!

First, in the 1980’s after our parent company won the Prince Philip Prize for Australian Design for our very first synthetic, coloured race and exercise saddles:

“Thank you very much indeed for sending me the saddle, it was most generous of you and I am really delighted to have it. I must repeat my admiration and congratulations for making such sensible improvements to a traditional piece of equipment. I wish you every success. Yours sincerely, Phillip.”

Secondly, in the 1990’s after presenting The Queen with a saddle for her horse, Sanction:

“I am writing to thank you so much for presenting The Queen with a saddle for Sanction and I was delighted to see you when you delivered it last week. Thank you for all the support you give; Her Majesty really is most grateful. Yours sincerely, Lieutenant Colonel S. V. Gilbart-Denham, CVO, Crown Equerry.”


2. When Princess Anne visited our factory in Australia…

In conjunction with winning the Prince Philip Prize for Australian Design, Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips visited our factory in Australia as they were very interested in seeing our innovative technology and materials! Shown below entering our building through the main entrance in the mid 1980’s.

Princess Anne

3. When Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and Guy Pearce rode in Wintec Saddles…

The then Neighbours television series stars took a break from their busy filming schedules to spend a day horse-riding in Wintec Saddles at Donvale Equestrian Centre near Melbourne, Australia!


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4. When Monica Theodorescu and Matt Ryan OAM competed in Wintec Saddles…

The ‘World’s best were winning with Wintec’ from day one!

Matt Ryan OAM, three time Olympic gold medalist originally chose to ride in the Wintec Pro Event saddle. We worked so closely with Matt Ryan to develop the original Wintec jump saddle that his signature was stamped onto the flap on this very first range!

“I worked with Wintec in developing the Wintec Pro Event series. I highly recommend this range to the serious equestrian for competitive and general riding use.” Matt Ryan OAM

Monica Thedorescu, five time gold medal winner and current German dressage team trainer initially chose to compete in a Wintec Pro Classic Dressage Saddle!

“The Wintec Pro Classic saddle is my favourite because it really helps me to maintain a correct seat and leg position.” Monica Theodorescu


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5. When The Saddle Club cast rode in Wintec Saddles….

Undoubtedly one of the most popular television shows in the 1990’s for passionate young equestrians, we were proud to supply The Saddle Club with Wintec Saddles! See Heli Simpson (Veronica) in a Wintec Saddles advertisement below.


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Stay tuned to the Wintec Saddles website and social media channels throughout our 30th birthday year to share in our celebrations!