How to use Traditional Stock Stirrup Straps

With a variety of both traditional and modern design elements present in today’s wide range of stock saddle mounts and accessories, finding the most suitable products for your stock saddle can be a challenge.

Although any stirrup strap/stirrup leather is generally suitable to use with your stock saddle, traditionally, stock stirrup straps/stirrup leathers are 1 and 1/4 inch wide and buckle near the stirrup iron. Due to the more relaxed riding position of a stock saddle, with your lower leg in a more forward position, it is usually more comfortable to utilise traditionally designed stirrup straps.

For the purpose of these instructions, we will use the Wintec Pro Stock Stirrup Straps to demonstrate.

Before you begin, make sure you have the correct length stirrup straps

Wintec Pro Stock Stirrup Straps are available in one size only (147 cm) due to their large range of adjustability. This length is suitable for the majority of riders, however, should you require a different size, you may need to utilise a different style of stirrup strap.

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to determine which length you will need (i.e. based on your leg length or your current stirrup strap length for a different discipline). This is due to a number of factors such as saddle flap length and shape, and how you personally prefer the length for the different disciplines you participate in. However as a rough guide, the standard ‘underarm’ test will work on stock stirrup straps, the same way that it works on other stirrup straps.

To ensure you purchase the right stirrup straps for your needs, we recommend talking to the saddle specialist at your local store who will assist you in following steps 1 to 3 below.

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STEP 1: Correctly placing the sleeve onto the stirrup strap


The key to correctly using stock stirrup straps is to first ensure that the sleeve is correctly located as the stirrup strap will pass through this sleeve four times.

  • Start with the stirrup strap completely unfolded and the sleeve separate
  • Thread the pointed end of the stirrup strap through the sleeve, with both logos facing toward you (as shown in 1a)
  • Run the sleeve all the way up the stirrup strap to just below the buckle (as shown in 1b)

STEP 2: Adding your stirrup iron and buckling the straps

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Traditional stock stirrup straps will require the use of a stirrup iron with a 1 and 1/4 inch eye to ensure the wider strap will easily fit through.

  • If applicable, ensure your stirrup iron is facing the correct direction
  • Thread the pointed end of the stirrup strap through the eye of your stirrup iron with the logo facing down.
  • Pull the pointed end of the stirrup strap through the eye and bring it up through the sleeve and behind the buckle (as shown in 2a)
  • Secure the buckle at the desired length.
    • Wintec Pro Stock Stirrup Strap holes are numbered to make it easy to ensure both straps are buckled at the same length. 
  • Pull the pointed end of the stirrup strap through the buckle and down through the sleeve (as shown in 2b).
    • Both logos should now be visible once more. 

STEP 3: Pulling the buckle down


Traditional stock stirrup straps should be buckled down near your stirrup iron. To complete this process please follow the below steps.

  • Loosely hold the top of the stirrup strap, behind the buckle.
    • As there is a lot of strap to pull down, it is easier at this stage to use your hand as a temporary ‘stirrup bar’ than to put the strap onto your saddle’s stirrup bar. 
  • Pull the buckle down toward your stirrup iron
    • The sleeve should now be snug against the iron with the buckle sitting just above the sleeve (as shown in 3a).
  • If the eye on your stirrup iron is big enough, thread the excess through the eye once more. Alternatively, fold the excess under the top of the stirrup iron (as shown in 3b).
  • To finish, tuck the remaining length back up through the sleeve to secure.

From here, you can attach the stirrup straps to your saddle and make any further adjustments to length as required, using the steps above.

For added security when riding, we recommend the use of the Wintec Surcingle which is suitable for use with the Wintec Pro Stock Saddle.

Let us know if you have any other questions, we hope you enjoy using your Stock Stirrup Straps!


For your safety: Wintec Saddles products are manufactured using high-quality, durable and weatherproof materials for longevity and ease of use and care. It is however vitally important to understand that every product has a maximum lifetime which will be affected by a number of factors including the environment, frequency of use and care. It is every riders responsibility to regularly check their tack, particularly any safety related items such as stirrup straps, Webbers, girths and girth points for signs of excessive wear and tear. Any tack involved in an accident or showing signs of excessive wear and tear such as fraying, torn holes or cracking should be replaced immediately for the safety of both you and your horse.