Secrets of the WintecLite saddle range… EXPOSED!

Developing the new range of WintecLite saddles was quite a journey for us, one which stemmed from our roots in making colourful synthetic saddles almost 30 years ago! Find out what happened behind the scenes as we reveal the secrets behind WintecLite and how we came to inject ‘double the fun’ back into the World’s no.1 synthetic saddle brand!

1. We developed the range of WintecLite saddles because of you!

Over the last 30 years, we have received numerous requests to not only bring back some colour and personality into our saddles, but to revive the type of fabric that we originally used, in a more modern and technical version. We also wanted to make our saddles even lighter to benefit both you and your horse.

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2. The WintecLite cantles were originally going to be permanent!

Saddle manufacturing is a very traditional industry which involves certain processes to ‘put together’ a saddle, and the cantle is an integral part of this process. After trying a number of permanent options, we couldn’t shake the idea that we would like to be able to change and personalise our cantles… we put our research and development team back to work and they developed the detachable cantles that you can purchase today in either high-visibility reflective material for safety, fun designs like ‘Merry Christmas’ and also blank for you to personalise!


3. The WintecLite saddles are completely focused on comfort, for both you and your horse!

Despite being super lightweight with a fun and customisable cantle, we couldn’t leave out any of the great features that you have come to expect from Wintec Saddles. We did try other metals for the gullets and other construction materials for the saddles in an effort to make the saddles even lighter, however none of these materials met our very-high standards and one-by-one we snuck our great innovations back into the WintecLite saddles.

The WintecLite range features moveable Flexiblocs, an ergonomic stirrup bar, a very close feeling through your leg and a comfortable seat for you, as well as ultra-soft panels, a wide even chamber, the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution and the CAIR Cushion System for your horse’s total comfort!

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4. Cut from the team.

We all know horses have good and bad days just like us, so sometimes we take an extra horse and rider combination with us on photoshoots just in-case! For our first photo and video shoots, Ellie brought along her horse Lucky, and Charlotte brought her horse Cookie, and our ‘back up’ combination consisted of Kai with his horse Gidge.

Unfortunately for Kai and Gidge, they never quite made it into our final campaign, but we do thank them sincerely for their contribution. Their photos were absolutely beautiful and we will definitely be using them on other materials.


5. It’s true, all THREE riders on our photo shoot refused to give us back our saddles!

Although Ellie is a Dressage rider, and both Charlotte and Kai are Eventers, they all loved the WintecLite All Purpose saddles so much that they wanted to keep them. In fact, Kai felt that the WintecLite All Purpose saddle was simply so close through the leg, that he has been known to ride his Eventing Dressage tests in his WintecLite All Purpose saddle!

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6. We used a HUGE trampoline!

To showcase how light these saddles truly are, we developed an innovative launch video which showed the WintecLite Saddles floating through the air (above)! We created this illusion by asking all three riders (including Kai) to jump in the air with the light-weight saddles as they easily passed them back and forth. For the riders to all jump really high together we needed a HUGE trampoline which we borrowed from an ex-professional gymnast!

This HUGE trampoline came with other complications including needing to find a photo studio with a VERY high roof, a filming crew who were great with heights and of course some very big trucks to transport the trampoline!

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