Which WIDE all purpose saddle is right for you and your horse?

Until now, the Wintec Saddles range offered only one all purpose saddle for the WIDE horse, the Wintec 500 WIDE All Purpose.

While we have received a few requests for an additional WIDE all purpose saddle over the years, the launch of the WintecLite All Purpose range in 2014 brought about a resurgence in requests from you, our loyal Wintec Saddles riders!

The very comfortable WintecLite range has proven to be incredibly popular with horse and rider combinations world-wide and we were immediately inundated with your requests to offer the  lifestyle benefits of an ultra-light-weight saddle in a model suitable for the WIDER horse.

Now, two years on and after a lot of time behind the scenes with our Research and Development team, we’re so happy to bring in our 30th birthday year with an exciting addition to the range, the WintecLite WIDE All Purpose D’Lux saddle!


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At less than half the weight of a traditional leather saddle, and with the option to personalise the saddle’s removable cantle, this saddle truly is half the weight, and double the fun!

If you own or are considering purchasing a saddle for your wider horse, you now have a choice between two all purpose saddles able to be adjusted to suit the unique conformation of your horse while maintaining close contact and comfort for you, the rider:


While both saddles feature hi-tech, durable, weatherproof and easy-care materials, an Ergonomic Stirrup Bar to reduce the bulk under your leg, the adjustable Flexibloc system to customise your support and a wide, even chamber and saddle bearing surface for your horse’s absolute comfort, there are a number of key differences which are important for you to consider. To make this easy for you, we have compared the key differences between the two WIDE all purpose models below, to help you to make an informed decision as to which saddle is more suited to you and your wider horse.



NEW WintecLite WIDE All Purpose D’Lux

  • More forward cut flap, tending toward a jumping position
  • Seat, flap and knee inserts feature Equi-Suede for added rider comfort, grip and stability
  • Lighter weight at only 4 kg (9 lbs)
  • Long synthetic girth points
  • Colour: black
  • Seat sizes: 43 cm (17″) or 44 cm (17.5″)
  • Panel: CAIR Cushion System
  • Features a uniquely removable cantle which you can personalise and change to suit your individual style! One blank cantle will be provided with the saddle, with additional cantles available to be purchased separately.


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Wintec 500 WIDE All Purpose

  • Straighter cut flap, tending toward a dressage position
  • Seat and flap feature durable and hard-wearing Equi-Leather, while the knee insert features luxurious and grippy Equi-Suede.
  • Weighs 5.8 kg (12.8 lbs)
  • Features synthetic adjustable Y-girthing for added stability on the wider horse
  • Colour: black and brown
  • Seat sizes: 40 cm (16″), 42 cm (16.5″), 43 cm (17″), 44 cm (17.5″) or 46 cm (18″)
  • Panel option: CAIR Cushion System or Flock


We hope this breakdown of key differences will help you, and your trusted local saddle expert to make an informed decision of which saddle is better suited to you and your wider horse.