Official guide: the most popular Wintec products in 2017

As the World’s No. 1 Synthetic Saddle Brand with an extensive list of products to choose from, we thought it would be fun to work out what the most popular Wintec products are around the world!

We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to the most popular Wintec products, highlighting the best-selling product in each of the below categories. We’ve also added our own comments as to why we think each product has made the #1 position in its category – see if you agree!

Most popular Wintec Saddle in 2017:

The WintecLite All-Purpose D’Lux with CAIR has just slightly edged out the Wintec 2000 All Purpose with CAIR® and Wintec 2000 Pony All Purpose with CAIR®  as the most popular saddle in our range this year.

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Why do we think it’s the most popular?

The WintecLite All-Purpose D’Lux range features a complete Equi-Suede top including seat, flap, and knee insert, making it the most grippy saddle in our all-purpose range, and the changeable cantles are an added bonus!

Most popular Wintec Bridleware in 2017:

The Wintec Breastplate took out the title this year with the Wintec Bridle taking a close second.

Why do we think it’s the most popular?

It’s simple, classic and durable. The Wintec Breastplate is a favourite for training in all conditions including rain, mud, and snow due to the lifestyle benefits of its easy-care and weatherproof materials.

Most popular Wintec Webbers in 2017:

The Wintec Pro II Webbers are easily the most popular Webbers, after being launched only last year!

Why do we think it’s the most popular?

While our complete Webber range features a durable webbing core for added strength, the standard Wintec Webbers simply feature an Equi-Leather outer, the Wintec Pro Webbers feature Equi-Suede on one side for a much more luxurious appearance and feel and the Wintec Pro II Webbers feature another layer of Equi-Suede on the inside to further protect the saddle flap from wear.

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Most popular Wintec Stirrup Straps in 2017:

Out of a very wide range of Wintec Stirrup Straps available, the Wintec Slimline Heavy Duty Stirrup Straps have edged ahead as the most popular in our range, as they did back in 2015.

Why do we think it’s the most popular?

Although all Wintec Stirrup Straps are reinforced with a webbing core for durability, the Wintec Slimline Heavy Duty Straps have two added advantages, both their slimline design for reduced thickness under your leg and the added durability offered by an additional layer of Equi-Suede. This additional durability makes the Wintec Slimline Heavy Duty Stirrup Straps the recommended mounts for high-impact pursuits such as jumping.

Most popular Wintec Girth in 2017:

For the third year in a row, the Wintec Elastic Girth is almost 6 times more popular than the next girth making it a very clear favourite!

Why do we think it’s the most popular?

Well-priced, durable and easy-care, the Wintec Elastic Girth is a no-fuss, straight-forward solution to suit most saddles and horses.

In second place for the third year in a row is the top of the range Wintec Anatomic Girth (with CAIR) which is scientifically proven to dramatically improve your horse’s comfort and performance. The girth features both a broad, even bearing surface to distribute pressure over a larger surface area as well as a central CAIR Cushion to fluidly work with your horse’s muscles and provide symmetrical give for your horse’s expanding chest.

Most popular Wintec Accessory in 2017:

The Wintec Saddle cleaner has finally earnt its place on top of the podium!

Why do we think it’s the most popular?

Cleaning your Wintec Saddle is so easy, and getting stubborn dirt out is a breeze with the Wintec Saddle Cleaner! Afterall, the easy-care nature of Wintec Saddles is one of the main reasons we love them!

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For your safety:  Wintec Saddles products are manufactured using high-quality, durable and weatherproof materials for longevity and ease of use and care. It is however vitally important to understand that every product has a maximum lifetime which will be affected by a number of factors including the environment, frequency of use and care. It is every rider’s responsibility to regularly check their tack, particularly any safety-related items such as stirrup straps, Webbers, girths and girth points for signs of excessive wear and tear. Any tack involved in an accident or showing signs of excessive wear and tear such as fraying, torn holes or cracking should be replaced immediately for the safety of both you and your horse.