Back by popular demand… the Wintec Isabell Original

Developed in close consultation with World-renowned dressage champion Isabell Werth, the Wintec Isabell Saddles are designed to support both you and your horse as a team.

My saddle is my office; I sit in it 8 hours a day. Over the years I have played a very active role in the development process. You can trust in the performance of my saddles to achieve an ultra-close and seamless contact for an exceptional feel of the horse.” Isabell Werth


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Originally launched in 1999, the Wintec Isabell Saddles are undoubtedly the most popular dressage saddles in the world!

The saddles feature a uniquely deep and close-contact seat, luxurious and grippy Equi-Suede material, large Flexiblocs to customise your support, a leather wear patch for durability, an over-girth to hold the flap in place for an ultra-close feeling and adjustable Y-girthing for optimal saddle stability.

In 2010, we once again worked in close partnership with Isabell Werth to update the Isabell saddle which now includes a number of new features including the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution and an Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar.

Since the original Wintec Isabell saddle was discontinued in 2010, we have been inundated with requests from dressage riders worldwide who still love to ride in their original Wintec Isabell Saddle, to “please bring it back” into our range.


In celebration of our 30 years as the World’s No. 1 Synthetic Saddle brand made possible by you, our loyal Wintec riders, we thought it was time to answer your requests by bringing back a Special Edition of the original Wintec Isabell saddle!

Below, you can easily compare the key features and differences between the Wintec Isabell Saddles:

Wintec Isabell Comparison

Isabell Werth has been our long time friend, partner and advocate and we’re so pleased to have been a major part of Isabell’s journey, from talented teenager to World Dressage Champion. This close partnership means that you and your horse can now choose between two saddles in the range and become a winning partnership in a Wintec Isabell saddle.

Isabell Werth and Wintec Saddles - Did you know 4

The Wintec Isabell Original Saddle is being released as a Special Edition only and model availability will vary by country. *While the innovative systems within the Wintec Isabell saddles offer unsurpassed flexibility in achieving an optimal fit, no one saddle can claim to fit every horse and it is always recommended ongoing professional advice is sought on the fit and in meeting the unique needs of you and your horse.