Feel safe and BE CONFIDENT in the Wintec Pro Junior Stock

Finally… young riders can feel completely supported in the first totally adjustable stock saddle designed especially for them, the Wintec Pro Junior Stock!

There are a lot of saddles to suit ponies and their young riders, however very few have significant support for young riders seeking total independence and confidence.

We challenged ourselves to develop a tough and supportive saddle, able to be taken out bush and through the creeks while also being comfortable for their pony or horse.

Read on to discover all of the innovative features that are providing young riders everywhere with the confidence to just get out and ride!

Wintec Pro Stock Junior4

Benefits for their pony or horse:

…it has all the benefits of a stock saddle, but with a panel and fit that is more stable and secure to suit ponies’ right through to horses!

Wintec Pro Stock Junior6Featuring:

  • a very large bearing surface with a stable Equi-Leather grip panel
  • a broad chamber for spinal clearance
  • a lightweight design at only 5 kg
  • self-adjusting running Y-girthing to aid with a stable and secure fit
  • an optional CAIR® Cushion System panel
    • we recommend the CAIR® Cushion System panel to offer fluid cushioning for the pony or horse’s working muscles, scientifically proven to eliminate pressure points and distribute the rider’s weight evenly
  • the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution
    • the EASY-CHANGE Fit Soluion comprises of the EASY-CHANGE Gullet System and the EASY-CHANGE Riser System to offers a total fitting solution for their pony or horse’s absolute comfort and rider peace of mind.

 Wintec Pro Stock Junior7

Innovations for the young rider

…all little Jill and Jackaroos can now enjoy the same secure confidence in their saddle as their older siblings and parents do!

Wintec Pro Stock Junior5

  • an ultra-comfortable seat in luxurious Equi-Suede for the perfect level of grip and stability
  • the unique seat and moveable FlexiPoley pads to support the young rider’s perfect seat and position, as they grow and develop over the years
  • long running-Y girthing removes any bulk from under the young rider’s leg improving comfort and contact
  • a lightweight construction to ensure the saddle is easy to lift and carry for riders of any age for total independence
  • durable high-tech materials, tough enough to take them from the beach, to the sand dunes, through the mud, through the trees and scratchy twigs and home again to be wiped clean, or hosed off and put away
  • a comfortable and secure seat to help young riders to chase their dreams with confidence, rather than worrying about what might jump out and scare their horse round the next corner.
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