3 easy steps to adjust your stirrup bar

Featured on selected Wintec Saddles, the patented Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar is designed for your comfort.

Adjustable refers to the ability for you to be able to position the stirrup bar into one of three or four positions (depending on the saddle model) to suit your preferred leg position.

Ergonomic refers to the shape of the bar which features an indent to enable the stirrup strap buckle to fit into the bar, and not on top for a more seamless transition and less bulk under your leg.

To adjust your stirrup bar, please follow the below instructions:

Step 1: Lift the catch

Lift the catch located in the middle of the stirrup bar.

For total security, the catch on your stirrup bar may be slightly resistant and require mild pressure to release.

Step 2: Slide the stirrup bar

With the catch on the stirrup bar lifted, position your thumb and forefinger at either end of the stirrup bar and slide the stirrup bar to your preferred position. The available positions are clearly numbered for ease of use.

There is no right, wrong or recommended position for your stirrup bar, it is completely personal preference.

It is worthwhile trying each position (forward, middle and back) until you find the best position for your leg, hip and riding style. You may choose one preferred long-term position, or you may alter the stirrup bar regularly depending on the discipline you are participating in.

Step 3: Secure the catch

To ensure your stirrup bar stays securely in place, once you have moved your stirrup bar it is important that you firmly push the catch back down into place.

The saddles currently featuring the Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar include the Wintec Isabell, the Wintec Pro Endurance, and the Wintec Pro Trail.

For more information on this, and other features for your comfort please explore the Wintec Saddles website or contact our team who will be happy to assist.