Wintec Flexiblocs

The Adjustable Flexibloc System enables riders to customise the support for their individual riding position. Wintec Flexiblocs are positioned under the saddle flap and can be moved, or completely removed, to accommodate the desired support.

There are a range of Wintec Flexibloc styles to suit different riders and disciplines.

  • All Purpose – suitable for all Wintec models featuring the Adjustable Flexibloc System (except Pony models)
  • Jump Standard and Large – suitable for Wintec Jump and Pony models.
  • Jump Rear Standard and Large – suitable for Wintec Jump models with the provision for optional rear Flexibloc.
  • Dressage Standard and Large – suitable for all Wintec Dressage models (except Wintec Pro Dressage with Contourbloc).

*Not all models in the Wintec Saddles range feature the Adjustable Flexibloc System.

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